Title Services

The logistics of locating the title to the asset and processing that title through the many state regulations can be extensive, and as you know, very tedious. There are two solutions to this problem. The first requires your adjuster to research the state’s laws for each individual total loss claim. This approach is more costly as it takes your adjuster away from focusing on the all-important money decisions. The alternative is to let ICS remove this headache. Our years of handling titles at ICS have enabled us to develop effective and efficient processes that will save you time, money, and limit your company’s legal exposure.

Here is a quick reference to the total loss thresholds by state: Title Regulations. Most include links to the specific state legistation where the title regulations are discussed.

ICS has a dedicated unit that monitors:

  • Salvage title regulations
  • Unrecovered theft requirements
  • Theft recovery title processes
  • Efficient ways to work through lost titles and non-responsive claimants

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