RTS (Recovery, Towing & Storage)

ICS works with vendors nationwide to manage the logistics of physically moving and storing your asset throughout the claims process. Depending on the claim, storage can last anywhere from one week to over a year typically incurring $25 to over $150 per day in fees. This can cause many adjusters a great deal of frustration and, with some unscrupulous vendors, lead to confrontation. That can be a huge cost and an equally huge opportunity for ICS to reduce your expenses.

Let ICS handle this for you. With our network of quality towing and storage providers we provide our clients low cost storage alternatives that reduce costs exponentially over time. Vehicles, cargo, and property are stored safely during the claims process until the asset’s disposition is decided. The RTS program focuses on negotiating reduced recovery, towing, and storage rates, while providing documentation and services to support chain of custody, environmental management & security, as well as the condition of the asset.

New Towing Request

Recovery: negotiate recovery bills

  • We call immediately to obtain recovery bill and confirm unit(s) location
  • Obtain daily storage rate charge information
  • Discover all carriers involved and coordinate breakdown of charges and payments
  • Negotiate using state regulations where available

Towing: manage logistics

  • Nationwide resource for controlling tow expenses
  • Pay incurred bills
  • Obtain and send pick up notification and releases
  • Confirm vehicle moved

Storage: the low cost solution

  • Evaluate each situation to make the most cost effective decision
  • Nationwide network of storage locations
  • Real time monitoring of all vehicles incurring storage expense
  • Protect potential salvage value by mitigating any further damage if applicable
  • Long-term storage