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What is Claim Logistics? Claim Logistics represents the processes and technology used to streamline the claims process... moving assets, information and people through the claim.

Innovative Claims Service wants to help you efficiently move assets, information, and people through the claims process. We are available when you need support to engage the right resources that maximize your results, responsively and professionally, 24-7.

By investing the time to listen and understand our clients and their specific needs, ICS is able to bring real value to the companies we serve. As a client, you save valuable time by focusing your staff on the critical monetary decisions while providing superior customer service. By using a true Claim Logistics provider you will generate improved operational efficiency and a better bottom line, every day. These are the benefits ICS clients have come to count on.

Let Innovative Claims Service be your Claim Logistics partner. Our services are custom tailored to your needs, supporting your adjuster in the investigative portion at the front of the claim and efficiently processing and capitalizing on any assets left at the end of the claim.